Darren Hardy

Stop being an ASKHOLE!

Click here to Listen to Today’s Motivation

Are you an ASKHOLE?
Listen to the audio above and let’s find out…

Action for today:
Instead of giving you another idea today, here’s what I suggest you do:
Go back over the last four weeks, thus 20 ideas, and pick ONE to actually ACT on – today!

Look, I understand, we all get busy.
We all intend to do something and then shiitake happens.

I get it, happens to me too.
That is why I am suggesting you take this time to go back and collect up what you might have left behind.
Now bring it forth into the present and DO something with it.

This is important because seeking more advice, input and ideas may leave you feeling satisfied with the “seeking” and forgetting the DOING.

This can become a disease and give you a really bad reputation.
Yeah, it makes you an askhole!
You don’t want that, and I don’t want that for you.

So DO it today, okay?
Go back and find ONE idea you didn’t apply or master that you will do today.

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