Darren Hardy

Are You Firing Cannons?

Are You Firing Cannons?

Why do you do what you do, that way?
Have you asked that question or do you just keep doing things as you always have because, well, that’s the way you’ve always done it?

That can become wildly inefficient.
In the audio above, let me share with you a story that will explain why.


Action For Today:
What are the cannon firing processes in your life or business operation?

Today, question everything.
Question how you start your day, get dressed, and travel to work.
Question what you do when you first arrive.
Question your communication plan, your meeting flow, the way the phone is answered, and the way your office is arranged.
Question your transaction, fulfillment, accounting and customer experience processes.

Spend the day asking ‘why’?
You are likely to discover all sorts of inefficient “cannon firing” traditions embedded in your life and business.

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