Darren Hardy

Stop Hiding

Good morning!

Well, here we are my friends, the finish line is now within sight.
So get ready to sprint!
Here’s #8:

There is a person in your life that you continually let down and go back on your word to.
You lie to this person regularly.

Let me reveal that person to you now!

(Watch video above)

Here are a couple more of my favorite go-to tracking methods of keeping myself accountable:
1) I’ve used stopwatches to time the amount of time I am spending on a key behavior then record it with the goal to increase the number day by day.

2) I’ve even used a pocket full of pennies. Let’s say I am working on increasing the expression of a positive attitude or the amount of praise I am distributing. I will put 10 pennies in my left pocket at the start of the day, then every time I proactively say something positive or give someone praise, I will take one penny from the left and move it to the right. If I say something negative, bandwagon gossip, am critical or say something disparaging about anyone, I have to take a penny from my right pocket and move it back to my left.

The goal, of course, is to have all 10 pennies end up in my right pocket at the end of the day.

Of course, there are all sorts of mobile apps for this, but I don’t prefer things buried in a phone.
I like them physical and very visual.
I don’t want them hidden in any way, because I don’t want to allow myself to hide from them in any way.
Just figure out what works for you!


Action for Today:
What are three ways you can make tracking the progress toward achieving your goal/resolution visual?

1. _________________.
2. _________________.
3. _________________.

Pick one and start using it.
Or roll up your BIG 3 and all your key behaviors onto a single visual dashboard by using the Living Your Best Year Ever system:www.LivingYourBestYearEver.com

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