Darren Hardy · Misc.

Your Turning Point

You’ve made it!…to the starting line.

Instead of simply letting 2015 bleed into 2016 and limp into 2017…
let’s figure out how to start winning this New Year!

This 2016, I want to show you how to achieve, in just these next 12 months, what it takes others an entire lifetime to achieve.
But only if you have the ambition and the passion to radically redesign your future…

Action for Today:
Make today your TURNING POINT.

Write this down on a piece of paper (say it out loud for extra credit):
This year is my turning point.
From this moment forward, I am taking consistent action to change my life.
Starting right now, life will never be the same.”

Then post this somewhere you can see it every day and read it first thing every morning.
Let it guide you.

Post the picture of your declaration online and encourage others to join you.

And remember, The only thing separating you from your grandest vision of your life is courage. Twitter
Muster up all your courage and charge gallantly in the direction of your greater potential and wildest dreams!

I look forward to the transformation your life will experience… And that all starts TODAY.

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