Darren Hardy

The Honeymoon Phase

We all experience it…
Whether at a new job, relationship, or new city – it’s easy to fall in love with “the new.”
But then it starts to fade.

The same goes for your New year’s goal.
A week from today the world will be counting down to midnight, all while dreaming about and concocting their next great vision and goal for the new year…only to lose steam several weeks or months into 2016.

But not you, not this year.
Here’s how to NOT FAIL this year when it comes to your 2016 Resolutions:

The Honeymoon Phase

Action for today:
Vet your goals and your plan to achieve them with the ½ dozen common mistakes and adjust:

1. Too Many, Too Much
2. Too Tough, Too Soon
3. Too Hardcore
4. Too Rigid
5. Too Vague
6. No Measurement

Let’s start with this, and next week I have a big announcement to come… stay tuned!

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