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The Healthiest Snacks to Munch on When You’re Hangry at the Airport

Five wellness experts chime in on what to eat while you’re pacing impatiently inside the terminal.


This story was written by Jamie McKillop and repurposed with permission from our partners at Well+Good.

Everyone will tell you that the best way to eat healthy while traveling is to pack food ahead of time. And yet, (almost) everyone can agree that the last thing you’re thinking of as you’re desperately searching for your passport or squeezing in a day-of workout is whipping up a buddha bowl to-go.

Yes, even if you’re a wellness expert.

We tapped five industry pros, from yogi Tara Stiles to chef Seamus Mullen, to find out the healthy snacks that they like to grab on the way out the door—or at any airport terminal when their stomach starts growling.

Of course, there are the usual suspects (almonds, fruit, water), but some of their picks may just surprise you:

“If I need a healthy airport snack I will grab a green tea, a bag of mixed nuts, a fruit bowl, or an orange and banana.” –Michelle Watson, founder of Michi

“I always grab a bag of almonds, a banana, and a big bottle of water.” –Shirley Pinkson, co-founder of W3LL People

“Grass-fed beef jerky by Field Trip or Lawless Jerky, nori snacks by SeaSnax, raw veggies, an avocado, and a good glass jar of tuna.” –Seamus Mullen, chef, restauranteur, and author

One thought on “The Healthiest Snacks to Munch on When You’re Hangry at the Airport

  1. I’m huge on pre planning and as she suggested, I rarely plan ahead for travel days. Can always find fruit and raw nuts on the go though. I do my best to avoid the sweets and refined carbs that are so omnipresent.

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