Darren Hardy

Making Art

Good morning Artist!

You probably think of art as painting, music, or interpretive dance.

While those are certainly forms of artistic expression, so too is crafting a world-changing mission statement, drawing out an awe-inspiring customer experience flow or designing a gorgeous product development logistics plan.

Oxford Dictionary defines art as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.”

That sounds like what you do five days (at least) a week.
Some call it work, but (if done right) it’s ART.
You ARE an artist.


You should change the title on your business card.
It might currently say “project manager” “receptionist” “VP of whatever” or “CEO”, but it should simply say: Business Artist.

Even if you can’t sing, dance, play the piano or paint (like me), you can still be the Michelangelo of your position and you can use your daily job functions as your creative expression.

Action For Today:
Every morning you wake up, after you’ve had your coffee, tea or smoothie (and watched your DarrenDaily!) you step up to a blank canvas.

Everyday is fresh start, to make today, your masterpiece. Twitter

What will it be today? Everyday you choose your art.
Will your art today be bland, boring and uninspired?
Or will you make it vivid, provocative and courageous?

It’s your choice. You are the business artist and the canvas is blank.

A really successful guy I know once said, “Picasso obviously saw his art as a business. I see my business as art.”
As should you.

What words would you choose to describe the art you will make today?

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