Darren Hardy

Solve it Backwards

Happy Monday!
Got your coffee, tea, or smoothie in hand and ready to crush this new week?

Great! Because today, I am going to reveal to you the success strategy used by one of the world’s greatest inventors:

Action For Today:
Find a new or better way of accomplishing a task that has long been solved and now performed by rote memorization.

Today, when you approach a problem, take a minute to explore unusual approaches before prescribing a solution.
Could you solve it backwards?
What is the exact opposite approach to what you’re doing today?
How would someone from 500 B.C. try to solve it?
What about someone from 2515 AD?

Approaching problems from a radically nontraditional perspective has led to many of civilization’s most important breakthroughs… and it could lead to a breakthrough in your own world—today.

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