Darren Hardy

How to Delegate

Happy Friday!
Got your coffee, tea, or smoothie in hand?

Good! Because today I’m going to reveal how you can be a better delegator, (and if you are like most people, you are probably doing it WRONG):

How to Delegate

Action For Today:
Delegate something today.
Remember to use the formula below.

  1. Outcome – Clearly define the goal and what ultimate “success” looks like.
  2. Preferences – Train them on any process preferences you have (only use jumbo paperclips, label files with a Sharpe or whatever).
  3. Equip – Set them up with all the tools, resources or support are they going to need in advance.
  4. Trust – Delegate responsibility and authority, not just the task. Have a deadline completion or review time, then get out of the way and leave them the heck alone.

Then, think of something you have already delegated.
Apologize profusely and use the above formula to fix your failure.

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