Darren Hardy


Becoming successful is easy. Many do.
STAYING successful is what’s not easy. Most don’t. Twitter

To stay successful, you have to do THIS:

Action for Today:
It’s time to break the furry handcuffs of complacency that has your spirit shackled.
To do so you have to jump out of your comfort zone, the box of your status quo and the dull routines of your life.

1) Set a new scary and audacious goal.
This will force you to do things you wouldn’t normally and have to become something you are not currently. Striving to produce something far above your previous success is a great way to push yourself out of complacency.

2) Challenge yourself.
Face a fear. Get fit. Revolutionize your diet. Take on a new sport. Pick something and attack it with a vengeance.

3) Change your environment.
Re-engage your senses by putting yourself into a new environment. Go work at the library. Take a walk in the woods. Go swim in the ocean. Skinny dip in the lake. Shake it up somehow.

4) Seek new experiences.
Eat what you normally wouldn’t eat. Read what you wouldn’t normally read. Visit a church of a different religion. Go to a concert, museum, jazz club, art festival… or take a polar plunge.

5) Get around some new people.
Preferably people who will challenge you and join you in doing many of the above.

Today, right now, step out of the rut (that will become the grave of your spirit if you don’t) of your life and pick one of the 5 above… and attack it, like your life depends on it—because the life of your inner potential and spirit does.

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