Food Tips

7 Breakfast Foods That’ll Help You Slim Down

Kick off your weight-loss journey…the morning after Thanksgiving.


When it comes to losing weight, results start in the kitchen. And since your first meal of the day could be the most vital to reaching your goals, making an effort to have a healthy breakfast is key. To simplify your a.m., we bring your seven staples to keep on hand and set yourself up for weight-loss success.

1. Cinnamon

Think of cinnamon as your breakfast’s secret weight-loss weapon. The spice adds sweetness to almost anything—without the calories, of course. Studies show that the spice helps regulate blood sugar so you stay energized all morning without reaching for another sweet treat. Use it to sweeten your coffee or sprinkle on top of your oatmeal.

2. Eggs
A hard-boiled egg is the ultimate in healthy grab-and-go eats. At just 72 calories and six grams of protein per egg, choosing this over refined carbs like a plain bagel or a blueberry muffin keeps you full and energized until lunch. For an extra filling and delicious breakfast that takes just minutes to prepare, try this simple hard-boiled eggs and avocado recipe. You’re welcome.

3. Fruit
From topping your yogurt or cereal to blendeing it into smoothies, fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth in the morning without resorting to the pastry case at Starbucks. Plus, since most fruits are high in fiber, they’ll help you stay full, as well.

4. Green Tea
When it comes to weight loss, green tea is hard to beat. Studies show that the beverage increases your metabolism and lowers your stress levels. Studies have also suggest that the stress hormone cortisol is linked to belly fat, so every bit helps when it comes to keeping calm.

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