Darren Hardy

Learn Less. Study More.

You’ve made it to day 10!

Our final step in achieving BIG success with less stress… are you ready?
You sure? Have you worked on steps 1 – 9? Asking yourself that question is a good lead into #10…

Action for Today:
I suggest a study and growth plan under these time parameters:

21 days—Pick a new discipline, behavior or habit you want to form, and then commit to it for a minimum of 21 days. You might pick one of the tips you have discovered during this 10-day series, such as the success compression secret, my 4 step planning list, or a daily stop doing list. 21 days is a short enough period of time to give you hope of completion, but long enough to form a new habit.

I also suggest that you only work on one or two new habits or disciplines at a time. That’s a minimum of 17 new disciplines and habits you can form in a year—that would revolutionize your life!

90 days—Pick a theme of growth to work on, and then commit to it for 90 days. In Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, Verne Harnish talks about having a quarterly theme for your business. I think you should do that with your life as well. This could be a “Get Fit” theme or “Magical Marriage” or “Servant Leader”; whatever significant improvement you would like to make in your life, focus on it for a 90-day stretch.

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